From the desk of the Head Librarian, Fraank Mountainhold:

Welcome to the official website for Annar! Obviously, if you are here, then you've already gone through the blood oath ceremony at Karnach and are now among the privileged who have access to Annar's wonders and mysteries. Feel free to look around and read up on our illustrious society and peoples.

For the nons reading this, please be aware that the ceremony you went through prohibits you from revealing any of our secrets to the people on your planes. Fellow Magicals, the same goes for you!

A written document detailing our current Creator's life has recently surfaced in the Library. While normally these kinds of histories belong to the Storytellers, I have been given permission by none other than Chloe herself to share her journey with our kind. You can find an excerpt under the tab labeled A Matter of Fate. Rumor has it that a full book has been released and can be obtained from our archival bookstore.